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Give Science Time

Use Common Sense

Whate We Pretend to Know about the Coronavirus Could Kill Us [… is an excellent article on the pace of science, the pitfalls of social media, and the failings of government and media during this crisis.

The bottome line - be careful.  Use common sense.

My bottom line:  It’s a virus that nobody is immune to and it is deadly to too many.  Stay isolated, good luck and I’ll see y

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Isolated and trying to thrive

It’s been more than a month of worry, escalating dread and uncertainty.  There’s been  a cancelled vacation to go to Key West and see the Philies opening day in Miami, a job lost (my wife), and growing job insecurity (me).  Unemployment has been filed, life has been re-imagined and new hopes and fears have emerged.

It’s been more than 2 weeks of working-from-home. There’s been some escalating-social-distancing.  We now have a real fear of going to stores.  New life patterns have emerged; we co

A good place…



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An Ode to David Pell’s NextDraft.

Sun rise.

Is an R hanging on a B an attachment? An Attachment of a sort. But a huge shout out to House Industries House Industries and their incredible Fonts.

Plain s of PA



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My Dems need to get their shit together

I’m amazed that the best minds of the left, the can’t sort this shit out.

Sanders (a great alternative choice in the senate), Butigieg (nice guy, smart, neophyye), Biden (laden, creepy), Klobuhar (no easy complaints; thats saying something), Warren (too everything), Bloomberg (a reality CEO).  They’re largely a bunch of admirable individuals who happen to be reactionaries, novices and / or relics.  They dont represent the best of us or the brst chance to unseat out Not-So-Great Leader.




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A safer web

Finding a way break even hosting means finding ways to monetize the site. All the cookies and tracking create a privacy problem that I want to fix. Heres my commitment to do so.


Top 6: 1. Presentation, 2. Email Follow-up, 3. V. Support, 4. App Design, 5. Backlog, 6. Operation I

Hide. Meta hide. Not really a picture.

Top 6: IBM Prep, App Design, Feature Gap Assessment, Backlog Review, Emails

Apple, why can’t I manage subscriptions from a website? I now have a device-less Apple ID (an old email address) that I’d rather not log into via itunes.

Spot, spotlighted Lucas Nelson. Photoblog Challenge Day 4.

I realized the 2020 Photoblogging Challenge is actually challenging; makes sense. From @macgenie: 2020 February Photoblogging Challenge.

So, let’s reflect.

Iowa gives me agita.

📷 February Photoblogging Challenge 1 (on day two; just getting started here).